Open for Custom Christmas!!

As of 10am this morning we are officially reopening our custom Christmas collection. These designs are crazy popular, so as a result we only accept orders for limited times so that we ensure all are ready in a timely matter.
That being said, our books are reopen as of 10am today and will close again this Friday.
Price list •
Snowmen • $35.• 12inches by 24 inchesChristmas trees • $45 • 24 inches by 15-16 inches approx.> Snowmen & Trees are available in custom paint colours
Ornaments Angels • $10 eachStars • $10 eachMusic Notes • set of 3 • $15 each
all orders must be prepaid in full to be added to our list. Local pick up is available in Cobourg Ontario or orders can be shipped for an additional fee

The Last Open House on Stuart Street…

Well… this might be the last… so lets make it the best!!! We are honoured to be hosting our Annual Parkadilly Open House one very last time…. with our besties Barking Dog Salvage & Design in beautiful Cobourg Ontario!!

We have come a long way since the first and we are honoured to celebrate, what is probably the last with all of you!! Pop in, say hi, give a hug and celebrate how far we have come • together ♡

This Saturday • May 11th • 10am to 2pm 
Shop for Mom or treat yourself ♡♡

Txt 9053752330 for location details

&& as always, little miss Parkadilly will be collecting for the Heart and Stroke Foundation • so please, bring your change 


Seven years. 
2555 days.

When I twisted that very first tree exactly seven years ago today, I never imaged I would find myself here. Living the dream through wire & passion. Supporting my family with my two bare hands and a whole lotta heart. 
We have come a long way together, some of you have been here since the beginning, some joined along the way and we even have some new faces saying hello. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you have one piece or a collection, or even just hit like and share on our designs, you have all become a part of our story, my purpose and my family. And for that i am forever thankful. Every interaction, big or small has changed my life in one way or another, and these past seven years wouldn’t even be sort of possible without you. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you.

Help us grow!

In 2017 we paid thousands… yes you read that right… thousands on Facebook posts. From advertising available artwork, to upcoming events and so much more, and to be honest… we really can’t afford it – so I made it my mission to not pay for posts in 2018… you see, Parkadilly isn’t my hobby, it is my life. The money made from my hand twisted dreams pays for the food on our tables, the clothes on our backs and the roof over our heads.
So that being said… when you interact with what we do you are helping us keep the money made within our family. It buys my little girl new shoes, or dance lessons or pays for after school treats on sunny days… And that is the joy of shopping local. The money you spent means everything to the person you spent it with. So that’s why we have decided to keep those extra dollars we spent last year on advertising and ask you for help! Every like means something, every share means more. And every time you speak our name you are feeding a family. So please, take a second. interact with us when you see us, and share what we do. It means so very very much to us. And we will be forever thankful ❤

2800 Frames SOLD!

Woohoo! We are happy to announce that we have officially hit 2800 frames recycled – salvaged – twisted and SOLD! Seriously I am amazed.
The fact that I wake up each day, create and live a life so fulfilling is unreal. I have to constantly remind myself how lucky I am to be able to do what I love, in a community that supports what I do, and feed my family while doing it.
You guys have no idea what you mean to me, I hold you close in my hearts, and though we some of us may never meet, your support for me has been part of who I have become. So many of you have become my friends, and even family. You guys are my safe place to be myself, and embrace all my quirks, faults and struggles. When I succeed you all encourage me, and when I fall you are there to catch me.
I am constantly terrified of waking up from this absoluelty perfect dream… because with thanks to all of you, it just seems to good to be true ❤
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

2650 recycled, twisted and SOLD

Woohoo! It is a good day to have a great day! I just updated the shop album after a few pieces found their homes last night and came to realize that we are sitting at 2650 frames recycled, salvaged and SOLD at Parkadilly! So with that being said… everything in the online shop is 10% off today! YES! That’s right! Shop for mom, or treat yourself!