About me!

Welcome to Parkadilly – The home sweet home of our totally original always one of a kind, hand twisted designs! At Parkadilly we hand wrap our wire into whimsical artwork for your home an garden. All designs are inspired of our love of nature and all things whimsy as we reduce, reuse and recycle any framing we can get our hands on!

Based in beautiful Cobourg, Ontario – We do not have a  fancy shop, or show room. I twist wire on my living room floor and paint among my family and furbabies. To see any artwork in person, Email Parkadilly@live.ca for appointments.

Over the past 5 years we have managed to save 2840+ frames from our every growing landfills all while twisting our dreams to life!


Our Mission: To directly impact our environment by salvaging unique & beautiful framing from our landfills while twisted, embellishing and enhancing their nature beauty with our on of a kind designs. Save the world with art – One frame at a time ♥

& Do not forget to follow along on Facebook @ Facebook.com/TheParkadilly ❤

What is a Parkadilly? 


Little miss Parker – A.k.a Little miss Parkadilly – My inspiration, my motivation, my dreamer, my love ❤ My passion for twisting came to life throughout her first year, so of course when it came to a name, it had to be hers ❤


To see more of our hand twisted & currently available designs visit us at Parkadilly.com/Shop/

*Parkadilly hand twisted wire artwork is protected under copy right law – Email us at Parkadilly@live.ca for more info – Copying, stealing or replicating an artists artwork is against the law. Follow your own dreams, your own passions and create your own story.

“Together we really can make a difference, actually we can change the world! One RECYCLED piece of ART at a time” ~ Sara Milley – Parkadilly

Got old wooden windows? Interested in trading for a piece of artwork? Email me!!



3 thoughts on “About me!

  1. I am an art teacher and artist and I want to thank you for sharing your art!
    I enjoy your designs and I appreciate your use of wire. We use it in High School sculpture and it is a medium that is not easy to work with but can be used to make some really creative art.
    It is also inspiring that you re-purpose old pieces in your work. I wish more artists would do this – even if only for the sake of our environment.
    Thank you again and good luck with your work!

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