Family Tree Sale!

×Parkadilly family tree SALE!×
~ Birthstones tell your family story! Honour new life & tribute love lost. These one of a kind, extremely personal pieces make great gifts!

You are in luck! I’m planning on moving my frames shed and I’d rather sell them to you at sale price than put in the effort to move them all. Yup! Haha. These frames are available at first come first serve! *A variety of sizes available.
*Email Parkadilly@live.ca to order & Choose your frame colour and up to ten birthstone beads!❤️

Single panes × Regular Price: $60 SALE PRICE $50 × Double panes × Regular Price: $80 SALE PRICE $60 ×× Orders MUST be paid in full upon ordering. No framing is held without payment.

*Shipping throughout Canada available for and additional $22, and throughout the United States for $32 ~ Email us for more info!
All shipments come with a tracking number.

All orders will be processed within 3 weeks of payment. For more information email us!


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