Until we meet again…

Do you honestly think that the countless deaths of creative geniuses is a coincidence? Now this is just my opinion, listen or don’t – but I think it is happening for a reason. Art is dying. The idea of pouring every ounce of your being into something, perfecting every layer, every angle – it is now being overpowered with mass marketed bullshit that will never stand next time – the songs that made us, the ones that shaped us, the lyrics that are implanted in our brains for 20 plus years! Those are what matter – They bring us back to a moment while allowing us to escape all at the same time. – You see, in my opinion – we are moving too fast. Supply and demand is becoming more important that quality and craftsmanship. Everything has become so mass produced, over created and bland. Sure we all love a good pop song but will those be the words that run across your lips during the hard times? Imagine. Imagine. How many time have we all heard Imagine – but every time it still feels like the first time – That is the heart. You are hearing the heart beat through…

Art used to be about passion, no, not every singer had the voice of an angel but damn it, they sang it with heart. Of course, not everyone “got” their sculpture or painting – but that wasn’t the point. What mattered was the handful of people that were moved by it. The ones that felt something when they experienced it. These legends left an impact, they changed lives with lyrics, they made moments with sound. They made family heirlooms that were passed from generation to generation. They made their own definition of art and then bent all the rules. In a world where nothing is pure anymore, these artists continued to shine through. But now, they are leaving us – & at rapid speeds… It is hard not to ask myself, ‘when did auto-tune and Ikea become something more – something more than heart’…. I shake my head and pay my respects… who knows… Maybe I am just sensitive, or maybe, just maybe there is a place reserved for us. Another world – somewhere beautiful – somewhere pure, somewhere innocent.

Respect the artists – Remember them for making you feel something, often when you needed it most.

Rest in peace legends… until we meet again.


1 thought on “Until we meet again…”

  1. This is a discussion my husband and I have had for the last few years. Design is dead, there is nothing cool or inspirational , everything is going through the motions. The same with on the street fashion. Music too follows suit;I knew it wasn’t just me when my teens started listening to music made from when I was a teen or younger ( and thinking they’d found something new). Unfortunately in a world of everything online there is so much to wade through that it is quite hard to find good music,movies or docs, fashion, books, art, etc.. They might be out there, but how much time do we have to find it. We were talking the other day about how our kids will never know the buzz of walking into a record store and hanging out, listening to the listen stations , and taking a flyer on an unknown band……and meeting people. It was a destination,an experience , plus you could find cool stuff and chat with real people for recommendations. Now a quick download on iTunes just isn’t the same. I can still remember the music I bought first time ever in Towers Records in London, I couldn’t even tell you what music is currently on my phone. Art has become disposable and you are right it is dying.

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