Most asked question: Where is your shop?

Most asked question: Where is your shop?

We actually do not have one. I work from home in beautiful Cobourg, Ontario, twist wire on my living room floor and paint outdoors the second the weather allows me.

Not having a shop does have its advantages and disadvantages for sure.

Just think, if I had a shop, there would be so many additional costs – rent, hydro, heat, water, internet, phone… this list goes on & on. And those extra costs would be reflected in the costs of my artwork. Working from home allows me to keep my costs as low as possible, with the biggest factor being my time.

Sadly I do not have a big enough home to have a display room or somewhere for clients to come over and take a look at the goods. BUT that being said, I always keep my online shop {Parkadilly.com/shop} up to date, and if something has caught your eye, we will gladly pull it out for you to see – appointments can be made for day or night, weekday or weekend – we aim to accommodate you! Shoot us an email {Parkadilly@live.ca} and we can work it out together 🙂

Not having a shop or a store to manage also gives me the freedom to travel, we showcase what we do at festivals, artshows and craft sales near and far! Not to mention our Open House dates – with the first one of 2016 being May 6th!

And of course! We do offer shipping! Pricing is based on the artwork – weight, size and final destination – and trust me – it isn’t as expensive as you would think – often cheaper than the gas cost to drive here:)

So check out the goods at Parkadilly.com // Stay up to date on where you can find us, by clicking Events tab {just under our cover photo on our Facebook page} // and interact with us often! Like. Comment. Share. Tag! Show your indie love with one simple click!


Go green! Shop recycled at Parkadilly.com/Shop/

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