20 away…

Is it seriously possible?! Someone pinch me!

We are only 20 frames away from 2000 frames – recycled, salvaged, painted, sanded, twisted, and sold at Parkadilly! That 1980 frames saved from local landfills! That is 1980 frames on the walls of home sweet homes among families, love and laughter. That is 1980 dreams, goals and accomplishments crossed off my bucket list & it was only possible because of you!

To the self-proclaimed Parkadilly addicts, and those that slam their breaks on every time they see a window on the side of the road. The fans, who have become friends, and then turned family. For the hugs, the love, and the endless support. The constant encouragement and the believers.

Thank you for giving life to my simple dream. Thank you for being a positive part of what this world needs. You have proved that anything is possible when you dream big, and have an amazing community around you. Thank you thank you thank you!

To grab your own recycled creation visit Parkadilly.com and remember we will be set up for one of our awesome pop up shops this Sunday in Napanee Ontario! *Click the events tab for more info!




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