Where it all began…

Meet little miss Parkadilly. This girl of my dreams, my inspiration, my muse. This little wild child is my reason. The reason I work day and night twisting, creating and dreaming up new designs. Parker will be turning 5 next weekend and I am amazed at the little lady she has become. Parkadilly this business was born because of her. She inspired me to follow my heart, be true to myself and break the rules. I never set out to be a small business owner, I just wanted to twist some happiness into our lives. I wanted to take all of the passion and love I had for her and scream it from the roof tops, which led me here. I am amazed each and every single day at her pure love of life, her laugh, her smile. They all inspire me. So as I sit her, less than one week away from her 5th birthday, I am honoured, honoured for everything she has given me in this life, and I promise to keep pushing myself to reach new heights, break more rules and show her that anything can be done with a little creativity and a lot of heart. Thank you for all of the love and support of the past 4 years. Thank you for giving my family exactly what we needed.

When you support your local dreamers, you are putting food on their plates. You are giving that little girl the birthday she dreamed of, and a Christmas to remember. When you support local you are giving right back to your community, your neighbours. So as you cross your family members off your list this holiday season, keep it local, keep it in the family

To shop handmade at Parkadilly visit Parkadilly.comSupport your local dreamers!

Support your local dreamers!Support your local dreamers!


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