My open letter to the lady that almost broke me last night.

My open letter to the lady that almost broke me last night.

Thank you for reminding me how lucky I am. Thank you for sharing how you felt about my passion to the point that I left an amazing event in tears. Thank you for showing the world that among all the happiness we share, their will always be darkness, sadness and hate. Thank you for being you. Because thanks to all of that, I am reminded how great the good moments are. How blessed I truly am. How thankful I should always be.

My moment with you has pushed me to share my happiness even more now. To remind myself that not everyone lives a happy life, and that my happiness should be celebrated daily.

Thank you for showing me the darkness that lives opposite my light. & reminding me I never want to know that place. That I know now, more than ever.

Honestly, I feel bad for you. I am really sorry that no one taught you the simple rules of life. I am sorry for whatever you experienced in life that made you so mean. And I am sorry that in that very moment, I saw nothing but sadness in your eyes.

I have heard it all before, yes, I recycle junk. Yes, it was once considered garbage. I get it. hahaha! I get it. And I am quiet proud of it.

That being said, I have never heard any of it with such hate. Such hate. You have a way with words my dear, and I hope you do not speak to yourself like that when you look in the mirror. I do not want to live in your head.

Think before you speak. Plain and simple. My artwork isn’t for everyone, and I appreciate that. That is part of the thrill. However, you do not know what someone is living with, dealing with. You have no idea what is racing through their minds, or the pain running through their bones. So choose your words wisely, always.

It might not look like it but before events, I feel sick. I feel nervous. I want to crawl into my safe nest and never leave, live there forever. I have moments of complete doubt and I second guess everything I have created. My hands shake. My mind races. & It takes everything I have to smile through the fear. The fear of running into someone like you. Someone who acted that way and said they very things you did.

Honestly, I wish I could have told you myself how I felt, I wish I had the strength to listen to you without my eyes filling with tears. But because you brought my nightmare to life, I left. I didn’t want you to make that my reality. Not in my bubble, not in my world.


I do not want an apology, or any excuses. If anything, I want you to learn from this. I want you to grow. If you do read this, read every word carefully. As just like every wire I twist, this is written with a full happy heart. A blessed heart. A thankful heart. It is written with love, to someone who maybe needs a little more of it in their life.

So today, now that I have removed this from my plate, I will wipe my tears, and move forward. I will shake off all your hate, and today I will overcome it all. Much like I have overcome so much before it. I will take on all of your negativity and I will choose to share my light with the world instead.

The world needs more happiness each and every day anyway…


A small girl with big dreams… who you almost broke. But didn’t.


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1 thought on “My open letter to the lady that almost broke me last night.”

  1. This made me cry. That someone hurt you like that is heartbreaking and I am truly sorry. I just want to come and give you a big hug! Please know that your work is so inspiring and beautiful that I scroll through your pictures almost daily. There is a little piece of you in all of your work and that my love is a beautiful thing. I purchased one of your trees to give to my cousin who lives out East. My cousin is like my sister. The other part of me. I bought her one of your trees because it reminded me of a family. A family tree if you will. With us being completely entwined with one another. Always. You do beautiful work love…NEVER forget that. Block out the bad. Much love to you over the holidays….Melissa

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