sorry, but I had to do it…

To the person(s) who set out in business with one soul purpose… to take everything I have built over the past 3 plus years and make it your own… well you, You are a shitty person. I thought of many ways I could say it, I went over and over in my heart with intelligent words and facts about copiers, imitators and rats… but there isn’t a better way to say it. You are simply a shitty person. *Excuse my language.

As an artist, of course I have a creative being, I am creative in all walks of my life, and I kinda like it that way. That being said, I have powered my focus, and my passion into one place. One place many of you know, one place many of you have grown to love. I twist my heart out in wire while re-purposing almost anything I can get my hands on. This is my dream.

When I twisted my first tree, it happened accidentally on purpose. I wasn’t recreating something I saw, I was twisting my own path, my own story. I never set out thinking I would make a living doing this, but it was exactly what I needed. I was a little lost in life, I always had been to be honest. I never felt loved or like I really mattered, my life felt a little meaningless, and I had no idea where I was headed. I was a new mother, in a new town feeling strained from many of my friends and family, I felt alone. When I twisted that first tree, I grew a dream. My hands were raw, but my eyes were wide. I felt that creative purpose I needed in my life. I felt like I was finally doing something that inspired me. It is how I became me.

Of course, I never imagined my little tree would grow into such a glorious and fulfilling job. Yes it is my job, to be honest, I work a lot more than you could ever imagine. And, some people even think I should still give up, but we will always have our doubters. They say that it isn’t worth it. But this is where I found my heart, my soul. My purpose. I have built my family story on these branches. I have leaned on the tree trucks during hard times, and during the storms they have given me shelter. And as my little business and my family grew , those little branches developed leaves, and my trees transformed, and transformed again.. always into something so much more…

My trees, my flowers, my angels, my notes… they have become one of the biggest parts of who I am. They are MY designs, My story. I always say, without wire in my hand, & paint in my hair, well I am not me.

Throughout the years I have had a few pop up temporary imitators… haven’t we all 😉 However, they all eventually gave in and gave up. I always thought their hearts were not in it, so when they faded away I knew I was still on the right track. But never have I ever imagined that day where I saw a business 100 percent steal my designs. That is, until today. These designs have one purpose, one goal. There is no heart attached and no passion behind them. Not one thing is original, and yes, you would take a double look thinking they could be mine…

The sad part is, I believe in artists, I believe in the magic behind the creative vision, and the heart that goes into each and every single piece you and I create. But when someone decides to steal that magic, they are making this world cold, the days dark and my heart, well, it breaks. I have seen it happen to many other artists, and of course, I have stood tall beside them as it happened. I have made my opinion known and justified my belief in their choice of total destruction… the exact opposite of arts purpose.

I tossed and turned about if or if not I should address this, and my choice was clear. I need to stand up for what I believe in, and who I believe in. You might ask why it matters, why I care – I have a successful business and I am lucky enough to do what I love. But I have to be honest, I have to release this negativity build up on my shoulders and protect what is mine.

Above all, I believe in you, I believe in every single person that has has a hand in my story, and my dream. I need to make it clear that this is not acceptable on any level, in any art form, and I will not stand for it. I need to be honest to my clients so they are not mislead, or misinformed. My artwork will always come from me, or my husband. I will never have representation working my booth or sell from anywhere that isn’t an art show, or my home here in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. My work will always be signed by myself ( aside from the first 100 pieces sold ) and my artwork will always be up to my standards. As I would never part with something my heart didn’t believe in. If you ever have concerns, please always always always contact me directly. And if you cross paths with this person, please do not be rude, or unkind. Express how you feel if you think it is right, but do so with class and remember, we are all here with the same goal after all… and I hope this person finds their own creative path… and has their piece is making this world a beautiful place…

Now, many of you might be wondering and yes, there are laws that protect artists, and if needed I will follow through with them. Parkadilly is a registered business with all the requiremntes I need to stand my ground.  However, it is really sad day, when this free spirit, day dream believer and all around happy-go-lucky lady has to put on her big girl business pants and be the bad guy, but to protect my dream – I will.

Dream thief… if you are reading this… Please stop. Please take this hint and follow your own creative path – it is much more fulfilling than following mine. Your choices are what is killing the art world, your lack of creativity and own passion are exactly what this world does not need. If you choose to follow your own footsteps they will lead you to the person you need to be, and you will not be standing in my shadow. Follow your own heart, build your own story and give me back my dreams, they were not yours to take after all. When you find your own path you will open new doors, and you will question why you choose my story as your own in the beginning. So please, please rethink what you are doing, the choice really should be very clear.

And lastly, to all the amazing people that have been a part of Parkadilly. Excuse my rant and moment of boring all business-no fun post. You are the people that matter! To those of you that hang it on your walls, my fellow artists who drive me to break all of the rules and my partners in salvaging.. Thank you. Thank you for being there today, on this cold rainy day. Thank you for your continued love and support. Thank you for always always always amazing me beyond my wildest dreams! Thank you for making Parkadilly absolutely everything it has become!!

Together we really can change the world, together we can make this world a beautiful place!



4 thoughts on “sorry, but I had to do it…”

  1. That is so sad that this person chose to go this route. Anyone that knows you and your art will stand tall beside you. As we do now. Xo.

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  2. maybe you should make something that has the message …..believe in karma. karma is a bitch.I would buy it.also I have a mirror that got broken that I would love for you to do a design in the frame. Keep smiling. Thats what I remember meeting you..your smile and tatoos

  3. You said this perfectly, poignant, and classy even with the shitty feeling you have inside!
    I have no idea who this is directed to and I dont care to, the point is that YOU are unique, YOU are an artist and YOU need to stand up for your creativity.
    Good for you friend!!

  4. They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery one can get. Infringement of another’s artistic talent or of anything that is a “copyrighted” item is another thing all together. You have seen and lived through one of the hardest parts of business, in any industry. Many creative ideas are not new, really, over the thousands of years of mankind’s history here on earth – but remember: anything YOU made or will make, once or more often, can never be repeated or truly made again. So “mere copies” remain just that. No copy can take away one iota of your creative talent or future success – unless you dwell on it and let it drain you. I hope that your blog and airing has helped you move forward, stronger than ever and that we see THAT in your future endeavours. Your old fans remain and your new fans are yet to be discovered. (PS Just ensure you leave your “trade mark” all your works).

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