Shop Changes…

As you all know, everything I create comes straight from my heart! My work is nothing but pure joy and happiness inspired by my love of nature and all things whimsy! I didn’t start this adventure with the want of being a small business owner or business person, actually, that was furthest from my mind!! In the past three years I have learned many things, learned how to become something I am not, how to manage my time, life and work all while raising my family. Although Parkadilly is my sole income, I still brushed aside many policies I should have put into place. Today I am making some hard changes, I am forcing myself to become a little more strict, and trust me, this is hard for me. But from this point forward I will require payment in full for any custom designs up front. I spend money on supplies, plus my time devoted creating each of these designs. Yes it is always done with heart, but at the end of the day I also rely on it to pay my bills, so I need to be that business person, I do not want to be. I know you guys will be nothing but understanding, as you always have been, and I thank you for all of your amazing love and support over the past three years! If you have any questions, please email me at Parkadilly@live.ca

New policy also requires payment in full to hold any available artwork. Thank you for choosing handmade at Parkadilly! Thank you for helping us save 1350+ frames from our ever growing landfills! Thank you for believing in my dreams!




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