#LetsTalk ~ Today 15% off all purchases from our *Shop will be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association! For more information email me at Parkadilly@live.ca

To view available artwork check out ~ https://parkadilly.com/shop/

To get involved check out ~ http://www.cmha.ca/

You may think I am just your friendly neighborhood wire artist but I can be your friend too! Let’s talk!

Personally, from my own experience I know the battles associated with feeling alone. I live each day with my own hurdles, I live with Multiple Scoliosis. & on those hard days, each and every one of you remind me why I need to get up, and push through. I know my own battles are only a portion of what some deal with, but through talking maybe, together we can find some common ground. & maybe, just maybe we can overcome our own hurdles together! We really can change the world!

Be the good, choose to do the right thing all day, everyday. Let’s Talk!

#BellLetsTalk #EndTheStigma #MentalHealth


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