Family Tree SALE!!!

Family Tree SALE!

Now until Friday September 19th at 10pm ALL handmade are ON SALE!! Just in time for Christmas!

15% OFF all family tree orders placed!

* Orders must be paid for in full to receive sale pricing! Visa, Mastercard, Amex, EMT and cash accepted as forms of payment.

* Shipping and Handling extra.

* Email Parkadilly@live.ca for more info!

~ Birthstones tell your story, handmade wire trees framed in recycled window frames! Tribute new life and honour love lost. Each sparkle represents your loved ones and their journey.

Pricing includes the frame, painted any colour you wish, wire family tree and beading of your family stones.

Single pane frames – $60

Two pane frames – $70-$80

Three pane frames $75-85

Four pane frames $95-125

Six pane frames $100-150

Eight Panes or more $150+


** Not all framing is available, contact me directly for sizing and availably.



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