It all started with a tree…

Wow, I sit here reflecting about where I came from, where I am today and everything in between. Oh, what a ride it has been. A ride that started with a tree…

I sat twisting my very first wire tree, I never imagined this. The fact that anyone, anyone! would someday like one enough to hang in their home is still shocking to me. I twisted away through trial and error, I dreamed up this tiny, sharp, vision that led me here. That very first wire tree is much like the road it paved for me. It wasn’t what I expected, it wasn’t planned or calculated, it curved its own path, and became something all own its very own. That first wire tree is a symbol, a symbol of regrowth all while reminding me to stay rooted, and to always remember where I came from. That wire tree was something I needed, something I longed for. It was twisted, wrapped and left me scared, But most of all that wire tree was beautiful.

I didn’t know how beautiful in that moment, though. I wasn’t sure of it, I walked away wondering if I even liked it. I stepped back thinking perhaps I had just wasted my time, perhaps I should fill that empty space on my wall with something generic, store bought and mass produced instead. I had no idea what was to come, what dreams were being dreamt for me as I closed my eyes that night.

The next morning, I woke up happy, pleased with the time I spend twisting, wrapping and chewing up my skin. I was no longer confused by what I had created, but I had visions. Visions of making these for friends and family, my little custom gifts. Something original, something unique, and made with love. The idea of store bought seemed ridiculous to me. A new love was born.

I had no idea, no idea what would come, no idea of who I would evolve into from this, this simple wire tree.

Of course, the road has had its bumps, I’ve been beat down, trashed, torn apart and bullied into almost giving up. But much like that first wire tree, I have hope, I am strong, and more than ever I have dreams. That little old saying ” things happen for a reason ” suddenly rang true to my story.

As I sit here today thinking about everything that tree gave me, I am thankful. I am thankful for the ups, the unimaginable ups, that have amazed me, left me starry eyed and full of wonder. Those ups have given me reason, given me answers and encouraged me to seek new heights. Through these ups 1195 windows and other unique finds have found homes, found home that saved them from landfills. And tiny piece of my heart has gone home with each one, something I can not explain. But something that means more than words can ever describe.

I am also very thankful for the downs, that remind me, nothing is forever, to always live in the moment and to seriously cherish the good. Those moments where I have questioned my path have made the greats, that much greater. I believe that nothing comes easy, and hard work does pay off. These battles have given me fire, a fire that will not burn out. Of course there will always be doubters, but the confidence this wire has given me, is something that can not be taken away that easily. I will continue to twist, and turn and fight for who this wire has made me become, because this is a part of me now.

On this day, I sit back, thinking… thank goodness for that tree.Thank goodness for the spark of light that came to me that night, and the dreams that were laid out for me. Thank goodness for the amazing people I have met along the way, that believe in me, believe in handmade and always encourage my dreams. Without those believers this wouldn’t be, and the idea of living without wire in my hands is simply just not a story I want to tell.

Thanks to all of you, what once seemed unattainable is within grasp and I am reaching for those stars!

That simple wire tree, just a few short years ago, changed everything. Everything. It all started with that tree… ❤


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