Need a little joy?

When you support artists, you are not only discovering something unique for your home, but you are helping build your community. Shopping local means you believe in someone’s vision, you are supporting their dreams and above all you are buying that artist time to create more. From personal experience, my walls are covered in works of art with stories, passion and heart. They are part of what makes my house a home. The happiness I see in these creations inspires me on a daily basis. Not only are they loaded with memories of that talented person behind them but the handmade quality brings joy to the walls around me. Everyone can jump in their car and head to a big box store, buy the same mass produced artwork your neighbour has and be happy with it – of course – But when you take the time to follow the artists work, create a relationship with them, and support their dream by owning a piece of their heart in your home – You will gain joy. I know it, I live it. I understand both sides of it, as an artist who enjoys so much to see the joy in my clients eyes, and as an art lover and buyer myself – If you need a little joy in your life, buy local art – that is where you will find it! 



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