A little about myself…

A little about myself… 
~ I am a wire artist, I use galvanized steel as well as other unique wires to bring my visions to life
~ All wire art is done by hands, ( with no gloves ) I do this to prevent the wire from being kinked or damaged. Oh course I do use my snips to cut – haven’t figured out a way to break the wire by hand… yet!
~ I have no education in art, this all sort of happened by accident – before pinterest and all the how to guides online, before crafting was cool
~ I work from home – so the best place to see my artwork is at one of my events – No studio or show room here – This girl works on her living room floor, the couch and pretty much everywhere in our tiny home. 
~ My personal favourite piece to date… Do I have to pick one?! I put my heart and soul into each piece I create – and I am not going to lie I am a little sad to see them all leave – but that’s the life of an artist – and I love every second of it


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