900 frames sold!

When you support a local artist with a dream, you are also supporting a family. With much thanks to each and every one of you, I am able to reach unbelievable levels. I never imagined that my hands and some wire would one day each 900 framed pieces sold. I am in shock and disbelief. You all constantly remind me in the beauty of a community, a community that embraces someone different like me. This journey has lead me to the best place I have ever been, I am able to support my family on my artwork as my husband achieves his dreams and finishes his education ( APRIL can not come soon enough! lol ) To each of you who Like, Comment and Share my work, to those that attend the events with smiles and hugs, as well as the new fans and the ones that have been here all along, thank you! Thank you for embracing my dream, understanding my vision and supporting art! You are the reason I am here, today with 900 framed pieces in homes! You are the reason I am able to feed my family. My hands may create the work but without each of you, there would be no Parkadilly. Thank you!


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