The cost of happiness…

I used to concern myself with looking put together when clients came for their orders, that is until a friend said “ Why do you stress about changing, cleaning the paint off your hands and doing your hair, you are an artist… You are supposed to look like that!”

You may never see me with make up on, or my hair done perfectly. You may ask why I do not take the time to do my nails or dress up nicely… After 2 years of living my dream I have come to terms with the fact that I will never be that girl who appears like she has it all. But the truth of it all is I do. I love my job, I get to wake up each day to new ideas, amazing clients and dreams of my future. I might have paint on my hands, paint in my hair, and paint on my clothes… But as long as I am living my dream I am happy. And that is what matters. So if you pick up your order please excuse the mess I might appear to be, I am creating happiness and yes I am finally admitting it.  

We all focus too much on looking great while working hard, and the truth of the matter is my job is messy, but the beauty that comes from that mess is worth it for me. 


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