Two short/long years!!!

Two Years, wow! I never knew what was coming my way, I never imagined this. Dreams do come true, even when they happen by accident. That New Years night when I sat alone, kids in bed, husband working. I never imagined what future I was unfolding for myself, and my family. What a whirlwind of adventures and challenges would come our way.

I had just finished my maternity leave, had just moved to a new town, and really had no idea what my plan was or where I was going. But I firmly believe everything happens for a reason.

That night I was bored, and searching for something to add to my new home. Something different. And that is when I found a roll of wire in my husbands work room. I have always loved trees, stopped on the side of the road to take pictures of fascinating ones, and admired their strength and beauty as long as I can remember. So it would be fitting that I sat down that night and made my first wire tree. My hands were raw and chewed up so badly but when I sat back and stared at the finished piece I was so pleased with the outcome. Maybe my gut knew that this was more than just a wire tree for me. Maybe it knew this was my future.

In these two years I have created over 800 framed pieces and countless wall hangings, and freestanding wire works. I am stunned at how far my hands and my passion have taken me. I believe that as long as I have that amazed feeling I get with each order, each sale, each compliments then I am in the right place. I love my job but even more than that I love my passion, and when you love what you do you really never work a day in your life. I am so blessed to have met amazing clients that have welcomed Parkadilly into their homes, and shared their stories with me.

Through this journey I have shared so many laughs and tears, I have learned a lot about myself and most of all I have learned that a community is what builds. And without a community of friends and family, and clients turned into friends and family then independent artists wouldn’t have a chance. Thankfully in the world we live in social media is the norm and a blessing, one click on your page can change a life. Honestly.

I have learned that from that one click can come passion, and friendship. That one” like” can leads to new festivals and events, adventures from picking old barns to building new displays in storefronts. Each like and follow opens up a new world of possibly for an artist like myself.  Never underestimate yourself and your community. I have learned this, embraced it and believe in it with your whole heart.

Two years, Two years! TWO YEARS! WOW! I still have goose bumps, I still get that nervous feeling before each event, each time I post a new design and when I am anxiously waiting for a client to pick up their new piece. That feeling is what drives me.  

I am so excited for 2014 – and the many adventures coming my way. I have my scrapbook full of new ideas and designs that I am so excited to get my hands on and share with you, and a handful of event applications waiting for their stamps to be sent on their way. I promise you all I will not give up on my dream; I will not let you down. 2014 will be bigger and better.  SO excited!


Thank you so much for following along, please check out the tab at the top of the page called “Follow Parkadilly” to check out my work on social media! See you there! 


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