As I step closer and closer to my 2 year anniversary of owning my very own business and officially living as a working artist (and not starving – thankfully!!) , I am in utter shock that my hands, a roll of wire and some passion has literally supported my family. Who knew dreams actually could come true!!

I haven’t always dreamed of being an artist, but I have always been creative, which left me longing for more in life. Throughout my life I have always added my own personal touches to just about everything that surrounded me, I am always be-dazzled touches to my home décor and made the world around me a like more shiny! What can I say a girl loves her sparkle!  I have lived and breathed repurposing, and up-cycling since before that was even a term on pinterest.

Just about 2 years ago as I neared the end of my Maternity leave I created my very first wire creation. A wire tree. I have always been tree crazy, stopping on the side of the road to take endless pictures of their unique beauty and purity. There is something so beautiful about a tree. Each with its roots deeply embedded into the ground, to anchor itself, tribute to where it came from, where it all started. And branches, all longing for light and sun, all while reaching for the stars, while growing and shedding from season to season, celebrating rebirth and new life. I admire trees, I respect them. After all they are what brought me here.

From wire trees to flowers and inspiration from nature, then to the world around me, wire creations seem more doable than ever before, one tree brought me here. One tree has left me in a world of possibility.

As my first tree seemed to be a great success among family and friends, Parkadilly was born. I am often asked where Parkadilly came from… Parkadilly is my world, she is the most beautiful and sweet little girl who stole my heart almost 3 years ago. Parker Joan was born on December 9th 2010. Parker inspires me like no other, she has given me life – I didn’t know I had. She is my reason for everything. Parkadilly is hers, she is the reason I do each piece I create. She is my inspiration.

There is something so beautiful in the innocence of a child – Something so encouraging. She believes in me and admires me, and for that reason I challenge myself on a daily basis. Parker is the reason. Parker is the purpose.

Over the last 2 years I have set goals for myself, and my business. I have achieved many of them, but one thing I never really fulfilled was my blog. Writing has always been a sort of therapy for me, and with encouragement of friends I am now crossing another dream off my bucket list. I am going for it, and I am full of fire. I have a new list of goals for my third year as an artist and with Parker as my inspiration anything is possible.

I believe that dreams do come true. With much thanks to a supportive community who love the arts as much as I do I am nearing almost 800 pieces sold and so many achievements crossed off my list! I am thankful for a community that believes in shopping local, and working together. I am thankful for those that share my work with their friends and family and keep a piece of Parkadilly in their homes. You have all given life to a dream, an unknown passion, and a life to someone that was wandering through this world without a drive or purpose. Between my sweet little girl and my community – There is no such thing as impossible! The future is bright and I will continue to challenge myself and grow. I promise you that. Image


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