These pieces of Parkadilly are currently available & looking for their very own fairy tale ending! For information of pricing, sizing or shipping costs please email me at Parkadilly@live.ca ~ All pieces are created with eco-friendly recycled windows and vintage finds, which makes each piece totally unique! Galvanized steel is hand twisted, wrapped and transformed into one of a kind works of art for your home & garden!

Our Mission: Save the world with ART! One recycled piece at a time ❤

** Click individual photos for pricing & email Parkadilly@live.ca to order!

** Local pick up available in Cobourg, Ontario – Shipping costs are piece specific and available throughout Canada & the US

**Got Frames? At Parkadilly we have salvaged, twisted, and saved over 2540+ frames from our ever growing landfills. This might not seem like a lot, but when we are talking about our planet, well… every little bit helps! We are always on the look out for wooden window frames, wooden picture frames and well, just about anything we can twist into artwork! And YES! we love trades… my artwork for your windows!! Email us @Parkadilly@live.ca to be a part of the solution! Save the world, one twisted piece at a time!

*Parkadilly hand twisted wire art is protected under copyright law. Please do not – edit, crop or change any photos. Or attempt to duplicate artwork. Thank you

15 thoughts on “*SHOP

  1. Hi Sara
    Your wire art looks great!
    I deal with Josh at the building center and do a lot of window renovating. He asked me about window frames an I currently have 8 simple square wood ones if you would like them.

  2. You have an extraordinary talent! Each piece you make is absolutely beautiful! I hope you come closer to Hamilton sometime so I can clean you out.. I’m in love with everything you do and your creativity blows my mind!! You are one in a million & I hope you know that!, Keep up the extraordinary hard work,
    your pieces bring so much joy! My sister has a gazillion of your creations and I can’t wait to finally call one my own! What an amazing gift you have… ❤️💜💙

  3. Sara I am interested in one of your pieces called notes 22×30 for a retirement gift for a friend but I would need it by November 16, is that possible. I live in Cobourg and I would pick it up and pay cash. Nancy Fields

  4. Hello Sara,
    I left you a message the other day regarding seeing your current stock up close and personal. I have several family members coming from out of town that are a fan of yours and would like to come to you personally to see your inventory. They will be coming the weekend of Nov. 18/19/20. Will you be available for a showing or maybe you are a vendor somewhere local we can attend. Please advise.

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