Available Artwork

One of a kind, hand twisted and made with love! Each piece of Parkadilly comes straight from my heart. Hand crafted in Cobourg Ontario in our home sweet home among our children and fur babies, Parkadilly has become our lives. Amazing what a roll of wire, a little bit of passion and a whole lot of heart can do.

Parkadilly hand twisted wire art is protected under copyright law. Please do not – edit, crop or change any photos – or attempt to duplicate artwork. Thank you

To place an order on one of our hand twisted designs, please email Parkadilly@live.ca – Or if you are interested in a custom creation – Yes we are open!

Local pick up available in Cobourg, Ontario – Shipping available for an additional fee throughout Canada & the United States – Email me for shipping rates.

8 thoughts on “Available Artwork”

  1. Hi, I sent a message and request last week and received a response but can’t find it now … grrr. Anyways, I changed my mind on the request. I would like a navy blue framed daisies window please. I believe they were on sale for $85.

  2. Came upon you in Colborne. Loving the large artwork/sculpture. We put it on the side of our garage, leading to the front door. Great comments from our neighbours. Thank you for your creativity, skill, and tremendously reasonable prices.

  3. Hi there…will you have most of these at Gather on Saturday? I am very interested in picking up two the smaller square ones($20) one in blue and a red and possibly 2 more. Also will you have anything in and around 8×10/vertical( not in red)?

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